When Aristotle wrote his books, When Milton searched for rhyme, Did they have toddlers at the knee Requesting dinner time? When Dante contemplated hell or Shakespeare penned a sonnet, Did the children interrupt him? If Burke had to work on all his kids’ ablutions, would he have had the time and strength to speak on revolutions? Did food get bought when Darwin sought the origin of species? When Holmes gave his wise opinions, Was laundry piled four-feet high with socks mixed up with linens? When Plato wrote the Phaedo and Socrates was teach , Were they the ones to clean the mess the child made with play?

How much greater,then,the task of those who manage both, Who juggle scholarship with child development and growth.

How much greater is the praise for those who persevere

And finish their advanced degrees And then take up A Career!

=> diambil dari READER’S DIGEST edisi july 1987, dgn beberapa perubahan.

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