Can You Understand What We’ve Done For You?

A dreamy worldMy lovely kid,

Even as the night come to the morning, I can’t sleep. When I look at you, I see how lovely you are, and when I look at you again, my tears come into my eyes. Don’t ask me, Why? I just feel worried.

I realized that life is so absurd, I scared you can’t face your life. I doubt you can to take care of yourself. I worried you choose the wrong ways. Sorry, my lovely, I also feel worried about you. Every day and every time, I always worried about you, even I forget my own fatigue, my own requirement, and my own problem. Once again, sorry, but it’s because I care about you. You always a little kid in my eyes. I love you forever, kid. I only hope that you are happy and always healthy along your life.

My little kid, I’ll always think of you in all of my last days. I want to hold you in my secure arms and with my big hug. I tried my best to nurture you because I want you always in my side. But it’s so impossible. I know one day you will leave home. You will leave us for your own world. And we also can’t always with you, because one day we will leave you when our death time is come.

I want you believe in your self. Oh, You are my lovely kid. On the road of this life, who has not been hurt? Life, it’s just like this. Laugh and tears will you feel in your life. Kid, when the care of life is pressing you down a bit, you’ll feel alone and nobody can you trust. In this situation, don’t forget us. Maybe we can’t make your life to be easy and our wine can’t make your problems to be little bit. But can you understand what we’ve done for you? That because we only care about you. When the road you’re trudging seems all up hill. Don’t give up too easily, kid. You will have a good chance in your life! Your future prospects are brilliant and you have a beautiful dream. You’ll reaching all of it only if you face the hardships! Maybe, its will be a long time for you waiting and fighting in the hardship, ‘till the end of time, you’ll realize that life is so absurd to face.

Kid, the more beautiful you feel, the more things change. Face the sun and rush the road ahead, without a doubt. Just face your life, kid. Never give up! Although the everything is so difficult to face, you must believe if your future is written at the starting line. No matter it is success or failure at the ending line, you still have tommorrow.

My treasure, I love you forever and I have many more of words to tell you. Can you understand what we’ve feel about your life? We always scared and worried. Can you understand what we’ve done for you? We always do the best for your life. cause ’till the end of time, we always your parents!

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