HBD to My Self!

I wait the night come into morning. I wait this dark change to the light. Its so mean for me. I wait the moment when 19 change to 20. Yes, I’m twenty years old now. Its mean I’m not a child anymore! Let me say congratulation to my self! Let me say thanks to my God, family and every body in my life. Let me remember the last memory of joy and sorrow. Let me pray for everything in my life.

Now I’m twenty years old. I must better than yesterday. Maybe the tears in the corners of my eyes and the thorns in my foot. Maye I’ll afraid, doubt, and worry to walk again. Maybe I’ll feel alone, bored, hurt, and want to give up. One moment I’m up, another I’m down. How do I face my self in this situation? I’m not a child anymore. I must stand up! I understand if tomorrow wouldnt be easy than today or yesterday, but I believe I still have tomorrow. Well, I’m twenty years old now, I have dreams and I’ll reach all of it. HBD to you, Lia! You’re the best –never before and never again!


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