Welcome to My World

This post dedicates for everybody from other country which have visit my blog. Although this blog using Indonesian language, I hope google translate can help you.

This blog is one of many blogs which giviLafriofkaltengng you many information about Kalimantan and Indonesia, especially about cultures, story, history, people, and many more. This blog also giving information and knowledge about Christian life and Christian faith. In other post, this blog share about my life, dreams, and activities. This blog is my world. So, if you open this blog, welcome to my world.

It’s so difficult to me to write a post in English language, because I can’t speak English. I realize the first way to make this blog larger is using the international language. I like this way, but I doubt I can do this. I have learn English since I am 9 years old, but until now, I feel my English not really good. Maybe in this post, you can to see if my writing, my grammar, tenses, and many other is not really good or maybe its so bad. But, until now, I always study hard in English language. Sometimes my college have the guest from other country, like USA, England, Korea, Swiss, German, and other partner.. Sometimes, I and my friends have the opportunity to be their guide in their journey at Banjarmasin. I always try to using this opportunity to practice my English. One day, I hope I can speak English well! Oh, maybe this statement not just “hope”, but it’s, “must”!!

When I open my blog dasboard and see the statistik of visitor, I have the spirit to write again and again in this blog. Especially when I see the visitor country and flag visitor, sure I can’t believe it! If it’s not the fact, I am still happy. I always ask my self, what the kind of post they want to looked in this blog? Did they read it? And many of other questions. Ah, whatever..

As admin of this blog, I want to say THANK YOU to you all… maybe one day, when I can speak and write English well, I’ll write other post in English language. So, do you want to teach me English language? I’m so happy when I can have a friend which help me to learn English.

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