My Second Favorite Actor With His Gentleman Charming

Last time, I’ve tell you about my favorite actor. A Chinese man, a famous person and a world legend. Never uses stuntmen in his action scenes and have many of talent, likely acting, singing, martial art and the other. Who is he? Absolutely, he is Jackie Chan (成龙)or JC.

In this post, I wanna introduce my second favorite actor. For me, he is so handsome and cool. He is a Korean. He is a senior actor in South Korea and have many of films. This handsome man have to focussed to playing in films, but you can find him in the several dramas. Do you curious about his name? Well, I’ll tell you, his name is Jang Dong Gun(장동건) or JDG. If you searching in google or the other searching engine, you’ll find more of the information about this man.

Recently, I got the Korean drama from my friend. She recommended the drama with the title “Gentleman Dignity” for me. It’s an old film, but I never watch this drama before. So, I tried. For the first time, in the first episode, I feel so curious with Kim Do Jin life in this film. So, I determined to follow 20 episodes of this drama story. Oh it’s a romantic, funny and great film. JDG acted the Kim Do Jin with very charming. Oh nooo…. in the other films and drama, I still have the same appraising for his acting. Hm, two thumbs up, JDG.

For the information, JDG also has the skill on singing. But, he just sing for his films soundtrack. Some of the title like more than me (ost. Gentleman Dignity), you can’t say (ost. All about eve), I’ll give you everything (ost all about eve).

Like JC, JDG is not young anymore. His birthday on 07 Maret 1972, it’s meaning he is 44 years old now. But it’s not be the matter for me, cause I have finding the fact if he still handsome and still has the gentleman charm. Hahaa…. both of JC and JDG, I’ll say they are the profesional actor, which entertain and charming me with their acting, their face, their smile, their songs and bla,bla,bla,bla…..

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